Lego Should Remake These Classic Game Consoles Next

Lego released its take on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 2020, and it appears the company is planning to keep releasing sets based on iconic retro video game systems, as the Atari 2600 set is now available, as well. Both look incredible, and they naturally got us thinking about what’s yet to come. These are the video game systems Lego should remake next, including a few more from the house that Mario built as well as a couple oddities.



An obvious pick, yes, but one we’d love to see nonetheless, is the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The SNES released several years after the NES and featured some design changes, including a less-complex cartridge system on the top rather than inside the console. This would not only make it an easier build than the NES, but would also give the Lego system more room for Easter eggs. If Lego could somehow figure out a way to make a new gameplay loop for the NES version’s television set so that those with both sets could swap between them and not have to build another TV, it would be even better.

The SNES is a boxy console, which would make it an easier conversion to Lego, but it also has those big purple power and reset switches on top. Getting those working correctly–meaning a hard click on one and a springy resistance on the other–would really make the set special.

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