Gotham Knights Will Explore Batgirl And Red Hood’s Shared History Of Trauma

In Gotham Knights, Nightwing, Red Hood, Robin, and Batgirl take up Batman’s crusade in the wake of his death. Their fight for justice leads to a battle against the Court of Owls, a clandestine organization that has existed in Gotham for decades right under their noses. In the same way I wondered why WB Games Montréal chose Tim Drake’s Robin as opposed to Stephanie Brown or Damian Wayne, I’ve also pondered why the studio decided to use Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl. She is by far the most popular Batgirl, but many cool women have donned that mantle. For WB Games Montréal, however, it was important to have Barbara out in the field with the others, front and center in the story.

Batgirl will have storylines that relate to Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, and her late father, Jim Gordon, but her inclusion in the playable line-up affords the team to explore the often overlooked connection between her and Jason Todd, aka Red Hood. In the comics, both Barbara and Jason suffer at the hands of the Joker. Barbara is shot in the spine and paralyzed, while Jason is beaten to death (and then subsequently resurrected) by the Clown Prince of Crime. Most iterations of the two characters don’t explore that shared history, and Gotham Knights aims to fill that void.

“Barbara and Jason’s relationship is probably one of the ones I’m most excited for people to see,” Gotham Knights lead writer Ceri Young told me. “They have both been through some extremely traumatic situations, and as such, we felt that they would really have a deep understanding of how it feels to deal with and recover from that–in a way that Tim and Dick, while they’re sympathetic, can’t grasp. So, you’ll see moments where Barbara and Jason recognize that in one another, and step in to help each other.”

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