Live A Live: Prehistory Crafting Guide

Living in prehistory was tough. The Prehistory chapter of Live A Live is no different. The enemies descend on you in hordes, and farting on them only goes so far. However, this chapter has a unique mechanic that you can take advantage of to make things a bit easier for your hairy caveguy: Crafting. Enemies drop all kinds of loot, and special NPCs wandering the wastes can cram them together for you to make better items. While there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to what gets dropped by whom, some of the recipes you can craft are definitely better than others, and knowing them ahead of time will give you a huge advantage.

There are a few things to note. Beru becomes inaccessible for the middle part of the chapter, and you won’t have the option to change her equipment after that. You’re best getting this stuff in the second hunting area. There are also two artisans. The first is in the north after you get kicked out of your tribe. The second is just before entering the enemy tribe’s compound. Finally, good equipment is no substitute for leveling up, but having it will make it safer to grind if you need to.


There are only two pieces of headwear that are really worth bothering with: the Beastskin Cap and the Laughing Mask. The Beastskin Cap adds +3 defense and +10 speed and can be crafted using bone and pelt. Then there’s the Laughing Mask, which provides you with +7 defense and +15 special attack and can be crafted using dried skin and either the beast fang or horn. It may seem that the Laughing Mask is the obvious best choice here, but only Pogo and Beru can wear it. Gori is stuck with the Beastskin Cap.

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