Apex Legends Season 14’s Vantage Won’t Be A Sneaky Sniper, Thank Goodness

Apex Legends Season 14 goes live August 9, adding Vantage to the battle royale game’s playable roster. Vantage has an ability kit geared towards long-range combat, giving her a specialty with marksman and sniper rifles. She doesn’t fit the caricature of being a sneaky sniper, however, as developer Respawn has designed Vantage’s abilities to be loud and noticeable. Don’t expect to pick her and suddenly be able to silently take out several targets in a row with no one else the wiser.

For one, Vantage’s ultimate ability, Sniper’s Mark, has a pretty strong tell. The ability sees Vantage pull out a customized Sentinel sniper rifle, which features a 3x-6x scope and fires shots that can mark targets. According to Apex Legends lead designer Chris Winder, Vantage’s ultimate ability has all the trademark indicators of all the other weapons in the game–like a unique fire sound and impact effects–but unlike other weapons, Vantage’s ultimate ability also has a pretty big indicator that opponents can see, informing them that the legend has pulled out her sniper rifle.

“If a Vantage is aiming down sights on her ultimate, she’s got a targeting laser that’ll show in-world,” Winder told me. “So if she’s aiming at you, you’ll see that laser pointed in your direction and you can think twice about what large gaps you want to cross, or what cover you need to get to.”

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