Best Xbox Game Pass Multiplayer Games

From couch co-op to online competitive action a world away, finding a person to share in your journey or compete against has become a core part of gaming. Many games are designed to be enjoyed by multiple people, and on Xbox consoles and PC, there’s no shortage of them. And if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you and your buddies don’t all have to buy the same games to play with each other online; you simply need the $15/month membership. Once signed up, you and your friends have access to dozens of great multiplayer games. For those looking for the couch multiplayer of the old days, there are some great Game Pass games with split-screen and local multiplayer. We’ve rounded up our picks for the best Xbox Game Pass multiplayer games.

The Xbox Game Pass library changes each month, with new games being added and others being removed. As such, this list will evolve over time as Game Pass evolves. Keep in mind that there are three different Game Pass subscriptions, Game Pass Ultimate, Game Pass, and PC Game Pass. If you’re looking to play online multiplayer on Xbox, you’ll want Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The regular Xbox Game Pass subscription doesn’t include online multiplayer. PC Game Pass also features hundreds of games, but if you have an Xbox, you’ll want Ultimate, which rolls all of the perks into one.

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