Sea Of Thieves’ “Tools, Not Rules” Design Keeps It Unique Four Years Later

Sea of Thieves is raising anchor and dropping sails for its seventh season, which is now live. The free update is headlined by its new suite of captaincy features, which allows players to name their ship, customize the Captain’s Cabin, and embark on all-new Captain’s Voyages, among many other new tools. For both Rare and longtime players, this update feels a bit like a culmination of the past four years as much as it is a new chapter.

The features coming to the game in Season 7 have been long-in-development and long-requested, but they also look to reshape the game in some major ways for years to come. I recently caught up with Sea of Thieves creative director Mike Chapman and lead designer Shelly Preston to discuss the voyage so far, Season 7’s major update, and what else might be on the horizon for the game. More than anything, I wanted to know why Sea of Thieves still has no close comparison in the video game world. Where are the Sea of Thieves-likes?

“I think if you’d asked us that question in 2018, I think we would have expected, by now, to maybe at least see the DNA or the inspiration,” Chapman said, adding that the team would welcome more games where “the core of the gameplay is driven by player-to-player interaction.” Still, the pair made it clear that though they may be lacking direct competition, they’re not lacking in inspiration. The game itself still provides plenty.

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