Spider-Man Remastered Suits: How To Unlock All 38 Spider Suits

Marvel’s Spider-Man, one of the biggest games of 2018, is now finally on PC, giving a whole new group of players the chance to zip around New York City as the world’s foremost webslinger in the game’s remastered version (also available on PS5). Insomniac’s superhero sandbox was universally praised for its gameplay, story, and breadth of things to do, but for some players, nothing tops knowing where to get all Spider-Man suits. That will surely still be the case for a great number of players on PC.

Spider-Man on PC features the same long list of unlockable suits, including some that originally came to the game as DLC, others that are unlocked through the natural story progression, and others still that may need some extra playing time after the credits roll if you wish to fully understand how to unlock all Spider suits.

In this gallery, we’ve snapped some stylish pictures showcasing all 38 suits available in the game. You’ll need to collect plenty of the game’s tokens from doing various tasks if you wish to unlock all Spider-Man suits. This includes:

Backpack Tokens: Find missing backpacks across the city
Crime Tokens: Resolve street crimes across the city
Base Tokens: Clear out enemy encampments
Landmark Tokens: Take pictures of NYC landmarks
Research Tokens: Complete science mini-game puzzles
Challenge Tokens: Complete challenges, including web-swinging time trials and combat trials

You’ll also need to clear certain level requirements for some suits, but these are clearly labeled in-game and you’ll likely be well-equipped to clear such hurdles if you’re taking on all this side content anyway. Plus, on PS4, Spider-Man is still one of the most Platinum’d first-party games of all time, so there’s a good chance you won’t mind spending some extra time on the rooftops and streets of NYC grabbing some tokens and leveling up while keeping its citizens safe from ne’er-do-wells like common thugs and Kingpin alike.

Keep in mind that this list necessarily contains spoilers for the story of Marvel’s Spider-Man, so if you’re not wanting to learn too much about the events of Insomniac’s game, you may want to bookmark this page and come back later. If you’re ready to see all the suits, though, here’s a complete gallery of all 38 suits in Spider-Man on PC, PS5, and PS4. If you need more on the huge new PC port, check out our Spider-Man review, which we’ve updated to reflect the PC version. (Hint: It’s still exceptional.)

Classic Suit (Damaged)

The first suit we’re going to look at is the one you wear at the start of the game, the classic Spider-Man suit, although it’s quickly in need of repairs after the opening missions. This kicks off the beginning of a series of upgrades, all thanks to your unlikely patron, Otto Octavius.

How to unlock: story progress

Sam Raimi Spider-Man

As a Christmas 2018 freebie, Insomniac released a skin for the iconic Spider-Man suit from the Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies. This should come as a pleasant surprise for fans who have attachment to the much beloved series of live-action films starring Tobey Maguire.

How to unlock: free DLC

DLC Suits 1: Scarlet Spider II, Resilient Suit, Spider-UK

There are some new suits in Spider-Man’s first DLC, titled The Heist. The red and black suit is Scarlet Spider II. The Resilient Suit is at the center, which is an original design by Marvel illustrator Gabriele Dell’Otto. Rounding out the trio is the Spider-UK suit from the Spider-Verse.

How to unlock: paid DLC on PS4; free DLC on PS5 and PC

DLC Suits 2: Spider-Man Mk I, Spider-Clan, Iron Spider Armor

There’s another set of new suits in Spider-Man’s second DLC, titled Turf Wars. The black suit is Spider-Man Mk I, which is the first suit model Peter Parker used to proect himself from gun fire. The middle one is the Spider-Clan Suit, which comes from Marvel’s Mangaverse comic books. And the last one on the right is none other than the classic Iron Spider Armor from the iconic Civil War Marvel crossover arc.

How to unlock: paid DLC on PS4; free DLC on PS5 and PC

DLC Suits 3:

There’s yet another set of new suits in Spider-Man’s third DLC, titled Silver Lining. This time the three suits are the Peter Parker Spidey suit from the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film, a Cyborg Spider-Man suit from the “Dealing Arms” arc from the ’90s, and the Aaron Aikman Spider-Armor from the Edge of Spider-Verse arc.

How to unlock: paid DLC on PS4; free DLC on PS5 and PC

Advanced Suit

The Advanced Suit is the first new suit that you unlock, and was designed exclusively for the game by Insomniac. Its suit power, Battle Focus, allows you to generate a charge that can be used to either heal yourself or use powerful finishing moves.

How to unlock: story progress

Classic Suit (Repaired)

Once you get your Classic Suit back, it comes with the suit power, Web Blossom. Trigger it to watch Spider-Man leap in the air and spray webbing on almost everything in his immediate surroundings.

How to unlock: story progress

Noir Suit

This suit, inspired by 2009’s Spider-Man Noir comic-book run, looks cool and grants you an effective suit power. With Sound of Silence activated, enemies that become alerted to your presence will refrain from calling backup.

How to unlock: 2 Backpack Tokens, 2 Base Tokens

Scarlet Spider Suit

The origins of this particular suit are a bit unusual. It’s the suit of Ben Reilly–a mysterious clone of Peter Parker–who at one point fought crime in Manhattan alongside Spider-Man during the events of infamous comic book arc, The Clone Saga. Its suit power, Holo Decoy, spawns figments of Spider-Man as he moves for a short period of time, and enemies that attack them will wind up stunned as a result.

How to unlock: 3 Crime Tokens, 2 Landmark Tokens

Spider Armor MK II

This black and yellow suit was designed back in 2011 to help protect Spider-Man from gunfire, and that’s exactly what it does when you activate the Bullet Proof suit power.

How to unlock: 1 Base Token, 1 Landmark Token, 2 Research Tokens

Secret War Suit

This suit is in reference to the 2004 Secret War comics, and its suit power is one of the most effective in the game. Trigger the Arms Race power to emit an EMP blast that stuns every enemy within a short range, freeing yourself from a swarm of bad guys and opening them up to attack.

How to unlock: 2 Backpack Tokens, 1 Base Token, 2 Research Tokens

Stark Suit

This suit made its debut in the 2016 Captain America: Civil War film and has since appeared in subsequent Marvel films: Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War. Its suit power is the Spider-Bro, a mechanical friend that can zap enemies during combat to make them drop their guard.

How to unlock: 3 Crime Tokens, 1 Base Token, 1 Research Token

Negative Suit

The Negative Suit is designed to mimic the game’s major villain, Mr. Negative. In addition to its unusual look, its suit power emits a devastating shockwave of negative energy.

How to unlock: 1 Base Token, 2 Landmark Tokens, 1 Research Token

Electrically Insulated Suit

This lightly padded suit debuted in issue #425 of The Amazing Spider-Man in 1997 when Spider-Man and the X-Men fought Electro. Activating its Electric Punch suit power charges your fists with electricity and lets you stun enemies on impact.

How to unlock: 3 Crime Tokens, 1 Base Token, 1 Research Token

Spider-Punk Suit

Rock Out to blast enemies with a wave of “righteous sound” with the Spider-Punk’s suit power, or simply enjoy his unorthodox superhero costume. Spider-Punk first appeared in comics in 2015, and is the alter ego of an alternate-universe version Hobie Brown aka The Prowler.

How to unlock: 2 Backpack Tokens, 3 Crime Tokens, 2 Landmark Tokens

Wrestler Suit

Throwing enemies into other enemies is one of the great joys during combat in Spider-Man, and the King of the Ring suit power granted to you by the Wrestler Suit allows you to snag bad guys without having to web them up first. It seems to be the game’s version of the wrestling gear Spider-Man wore on the night Uncle Ben was murdered.

How to unlock: 2 Backpack Tokens, 2 Base Tokens, 2 Research Tokens

Fear Itself Suit

If you just want to punch villains really hard and not bother with a lot of footwork during a fight, using the Fear Itself’s suit power, Quad Damage, is the way to go.

The suit itself is based on Spider-Man’s appearance from the Marvel crossover Fear Itself, which ran in 2011. The outfit has Spider-Man sporting bracelets made from Asgardian uru, the same magical metal used to create Thor’s hammer.

How to unlock: 2 Base Tokens, 6 Challenge Tokens, 3 Research Tokens

Stealth (“Big Time”) Suit

This black and green suit gives you a power that, when activated, makes you invisible to non-alerted enemies. This is a popular suit that’s appeared in a lot of games since its comic debut in 2010.

In the comics, Peter developed the suit using new technology he created from his job at Horizon Labs. It’s closely associated by fans with the “Big Time” storylines.

How to unlock: 2 Base Tokens, 4 Challenge Tokens, 3 Landmark Tokens

Spider Armor Mk III

If you recall what the previous Spider Armor Mk model did, then it makes perfect sense that this suit takes bullet proofing one step further. Though it won’t work for sniper fire, every other incoming bullet will bounce right off of this suit and fire back at the shooter when you activate the Titanium Alloy Plates suit power.

In the comics, the Spider Armor Mk III was developed by Peter as a last resort suit to combat the Sinister Six. How fitting given its power and armored appearance.

How to unlock: 2 Base Tokens, 4 Challenge Tokens, 4 Crime Tokens

Spider-Man 2099 Black

Spider-Man 2099 was a popular 1992 comic series that jumped ahead in time and presented a new hero behind the mask, Miguel O’Hara. The Low Gravity suit power associated with it increases your hang-time while activated.

How to unlock: 2 Base Tokens, 4 Crime Tokens, 4 Research Tokens

Iron Spider Suit

The Iron Spider suits is one of the coolest in the game. It looks awesome, and comes with a suit power that causes metallic arms to rise from Spider-Man’s back and attack nearby enemies. Though the original Iron Spider suit debuted back in 2006, this version was popularized in Avengers: Infinity War.

How to unlock: 3 Base Tokens, 3 Challenge Tokens, 4 Crime Tokens

Velocity Suit

If you have a need for speed, this Velocity Suit’s power Blitz will make you spring away from danger faster in combat, and send enemies flying farther than usual based on your momentum. The suit was designed specifically for the game by artist Adi Granov, who is known more famously for his art in the classic Iron Man: Extremis storyline.

How to unlock: 2 Backpack Tokens, 4 Challenge Tokens, 2 Landmark Tokens

Spider Armor Mk IV

This Spider Armor Mk series returns to a sleeker look for the fourth model. Its suit power can generate a temporary forcefield that protects you from all incoming damage. In the comics, the suit was created by Peter for his friend, Hobie Brown, to use in order to impersonate him. There’s more to that story, but we’ll spare you the details. Comics amirite?

How to unlock: 4 Base Tokens, 4 Challenge Tokens, 3 Landmark Tokens

Spirit Spider Suit

And now for something completely different. This out-there suit is based on a 2011 comic that more or less resulted in Peter Parker becoming infused with the power of the damned. This manifests itself when you use the Spirit Fire suit power, which sets enemies ablaze with mysterious blue flames.

How to unlock: 6 Base Tokens, 6 Challenge Tokens, 6 Crime Tokens

Spider-Man 2099 White Suit

The alternate Spider-Man 2099 suit has a very useful suit power, Concussive Blast, that can send enemies flying off of buildings, making them easy one-hit-kill targets. The suit itself is the second one that O’Hara wears and it was designed by Peter during the All-New, All-Different Spider-Man arc.

How to unlock: 4 Base Tokens, 4 Challenge Tokens, 4 Crime Tokens

Vintage Comic Book Suit

This understated suit is still rather impressive given how its rendered with a cel-shaded visual style that makes it pop. As an homage to its roots in classic Spider-Man comics, its suit power causes Spider-Man to release a series of bad jokes and one-liners that are so cringeworthy that they effectively stun nearby enemies.

How to unlock: 4 Backpack Tokens, 4 Challenge Tokens, 4 Crime Tokens

Last Stand Suit

This leather-clad suit comes late in the game, which is probably for the better given how impactful its suit power can be. Using Unrelenting Fury prevents enemies, even those with shields, from blocking your attacks. This suit is a reference to a short-lived look at an alternate-future Peter Parker that appeared in 2003.

How to unlock: 20 Crime Tokens


More Peter Parker than Spider-Man, swinging and kicking around in your underwear is a thing you can do if you need a laugh, but the suit power you get when you unlock this suit is no laughing matter: activate Equalizer to take out enemies with a single blow, but watch out as this punishing rule will also apply to you. Tread lightly, true believer.

How to unlock: Complete all main missions, side missions, and brng all districts to 100% completion.

Homemade Suit

This kitchy suit comes from Spider-Man: Homecoming and it can be yours if you take the time to find the 55 backpacks scattered across the map. Without a suit power, this one is more for the entertainment value of seeing Spider-Man in a funny outfit that it is a useful addition to your repertoire.

How to unlock: Collect all 55 backpacks

ESU Suit

Completing all of the photography challenges in Spider-Man will net you this collegiate outfit so you can proudly rep Peter Parker’s alma mater–its unofficial suit power. You unlock it by nabbing all of the secret photos.

How to unlock: Find all 50 secret photo ops

Anti-Ock Suit

This great-looking suit is unique to the game, and offers the very helpful Resupply suit power, which can be used to refill your gadgets when activated.

How to unlock: Complete the main story

Dark Suit

The Dark Suit is earned after you complete all of the Black Cat activities in the game, and is a striking red-and-black suit with looks that make up for its lack of a suit power.

How to unlock: Complete all Black Cat stakeout missions and find Black Cat’s hideout

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