Kirby’s Dream Buffet Launches Worldwide On August 17

Nintendo has announced that Kirby’s Dream Buffet will officially be available worldwide on August 17. A competitive multiplayer game that looks inspired by Fall Guys, Kirby’s Dream Buffet allows for up to four players to challenge each other in a series of unlocked mini-games, each one with a sweet confectionary theme.

Whoever eats the most becomes the biggest Kirby and the overall winner in each mini-game. Nintendo also released a new overview trailer for the game, which you can view below:

Race is a circuit-based challenge where players will have to consume as many strawberries as possible to become stronger, and they can also consume other foods to give them new abilities. The first Kirby to the finish line gets a mountain of strawberries to help boost their score. Minigame has players race against the clock inside of a small arena to eat as many strawberries as they can, and Battle Royale lets each player put their berries on the line in a grand showdown. Knock one of the Kirbies off the stage, and you’ll be able to steal their strawberries. Battle Royale also includes a number of exclusive power-ups, such as Drill and Stone, which can be used to eliminate the competition.

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