Platinum Trophies Are More Common In Europe Than In The US

According to Sony, players in Europe earn more Platinum trophies than players in the United States. Players in Japan also have low Platinum trophy rates as well, though the trophies they do earn tend to be from games deemed fairly challenging.

At CEDEC 2022, the head of Sony’s Tokyo Global Developer Technology Department, Kenjo Akiyama, presented information about user behavior across PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The original article–which was compiled by 4Gamer and then translated by VGC–concluded that European players have the highest completion rate when it comes to playing games on PlayStation. They have the most Platinum trophies, which signifies that they have earned every other single trophy in a particular game.

Players in Asia, excluding Japan, also tend to have high Platinum trophy earning rates, while Japanese and US players have the lowest. However, Japanese and Asian players earn the most Platinum trophies for games whose trophy requirements are considered difficult.

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