Madden 23: Best Playbooks For Offense

In Madden 23, whether you’re playing Franchise, an exhibition game, or Madden Ultimate Team, picking a playbook is one of the most important choices you can make to affect your in-game performance. While it might not seem like a huge deal – after all, how many possible plays can there be – but your team will likely benefit from a certain playbook over another. For example, if you’re planning to attack with a run-heavy offense, then picking a playbook that prioritizes play-action passes will not be of much help. As a result, you need to know which playbooks are the best for certain styles of play. In this guide, we’ll go over what we believe to be the best rushing, passing, and balanced offensive playbooks in Madden 23. We’ll be picking from both the official list of NFL team playbooks as well as some that were crafted by the community.

Best offensive playbooks in Madden 23

First and foremost, we’ll be listing the best official playbooks that you don’t need to go hunting for in the community tab of Madden 23. These playbooks will be separated by three categories: rushing, passing, and balanced. The best-balanced playbook is simply one that has a solid mixture of rushing and passing schemes that can be of use to most offenses.

Best rushing playbook: Baltimore Ravens

Kicking off the list is a tried and true playbook in any Madden title. The Baltimore Ravens are known around the NFL as the best rushing team, and for good reason. The Ravens hold the NFL record for most consecutive games with 100 yards rushing (43 games). Their Madden 23 offensive playbook is chock-full of various rushing plays that will surely trick any defense. One of the aspects that separates the Ravens’ playbook from other teams is the designed quarterback runs. If you have a mobile quarterback on your team, using Baltimore’s playbook will allow you to get that QB out in space and pick up huge chunks of yardage.

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