Destiny 2 Players Are Donning Gold Armor For A Heartwarming Cause

Destiny 2 players have begun donning gold armor and gear in the game as part of an effort to raise awareness for childhood cancer. After a social media post detailed how a father lost his child to a form of pediatric cancer known as Ewings Sarcoma, the message began to slowly gather steam and eventually gained attention across a number of platforms.

“May 2, 2022 my family and I lost my oldest to Ewings Sarcoma, an aggressive Pediatric Cancer,” reads the original post from Shawn Patrick Lafferty on the Dadstiny page. “The September before losing her, was the first time I started asking those of you who would, to go gold for the month of September as its Childhood Cancer Awareness month and Gold is the color associated with it.”

In the Destiny Fashion subreddit, players began suggesting gold shader recommendations and offering support for Lafferty and his initiative. Big names in the Destiny 2 scene such as Datto have joined the initiative, and if you’re looking to take part, there are over a dozen shaders that you can use to change up the look and colors of your Guardian. You can usually find shaders by opening chests in patrol zones, earning ranks on the season pass, or from Bright Engrams that are periodically awarded to players.

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