Thor Love And Thunder: 12 Things We Learned From The Audio Commentary

Thor Love And Thunder has finally arrived in the digital markets. If you’re a subscriber to Disney+, you can check it out with both the IMAX and the enhanced versions. However, if you want to dive deeper into the movie, you’ll want to have access to the special features, like the audio commentary from director Taikia Waititi–and his two children. And for that, you’ll need to own the movie.

Throughout the entirety of the movie, Waititi gave commentary alongside his daughters talking about some of their favorite moments of the movie, giving insight into scenes, and making music from glasses filled with water. Movies Anywhere provided GameSpot with a code to the movie, giving us access to the movie, audio commentary, and other special features you can find on the service–which includes bloopers, deleted scenes, and more. Movies Anywhere gives viewers access to all the special features from various retailers.

One thing you may not have realized about the movie is that many of the people who worked on the movie had their kids in the film or designing some of the memorable elements. Below, you’ll find what we learned about the latest Thor movie from the audio commentary. For more audio commentary, check out breakdowns for Event Horizon, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Avengers: Endgame, and Avengers: Infinity War.

In GameSpot’s Thor Love and Thunder review, Mason Downey said, “The end result of these non sequiturs and disparate ideas makes Love and Thunder feel less like a movie and more like a scrapbook of random ideas, cut up in between some neat looking music videos. Some of those ideas are great–Jane, the humor, the visuals–while others are lackluster and meaningless.”

1. Gorr’s daughter

Gorr’s daughter is actually played by Chris Hemsworth’s daughter.

2. God blood

Waititi said that all gods bleed gold in the movie.

3. Baby Thor

We briefly see a baby Thor wielding a tiny hammer in battle–well, as a woman we presume is his mother carries him into battle. That baby is Thor Love and Thunder producer Brian Chapek’s baby.

4. The wolf woman

When Thor is kissing a wolf woman on a woman wolf, that’s Elsa Pataky, who is Chris Hemsworth’s wife.

5. Mad Max inspired

When Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy battle the tiny owl-folk, Waititi explained that they’re actually inspired by the gang from the original Mad Max film by George Miller. The one you see above is based on Toecutter (played by Hugh Keays-Byrne in Mad Max).

6. George Miller came to the set

Waititi had Miller to the set of Thor Love and Thunder, in Australia, and Waititi considers him to be the greatest filmmaker alive. Miller is a huge influence on Waititi’s work.

7. Shadow demons

Taika’s oldest daughter, Te Hinekahu–who was about seven at the time–saw part of the script with the words “Shadow demon.” She went into her room and drew the first shadow monster called “Octy,” a snake-like creature, which you can see in the movie. And for the rest of the creatures, children drew the monsters. So all the creatures were originally drawn by children.

8. Here’s the entire movie

While in Asgard, Meek is told to stop writing on the dry erase board. However, if you look closely, the entire movie’s plot is here–which includes a lot of things Meek and friends never saw. Waititi explains that some deleted scenes are included in the board too.

9. Celebrity kid cameos

In the sequence with the kids trapped in the spikey cage in the Shadow Realm, Natalie Portman’s children are in the cage, and so is Christian Bale’s son, who is wearing the yellow cape.

10. Two takes for Zues

For Russell Crowe’s portrayal of Zues, Waititi didn’t know if he should have a Greek accent or British accent, so Crowe did two takes, each one with a different accent.

11. A reminder from Waititi

As the movie was playing, Waititi pleaded with the viewers to turn off the motion blurring that’s now the default setting on all TVs. He said it makes everything look like a cheap soap opera. He said that TVs are too advanced, and it’s ruining pictures.

Seriously though, turn that motion blurring stuff off.

12. Waititi’s daughter

Very briefly, Taika’s daughter also popped up in Thor Love and Thunder. Makewa appears here on the right with the flower tiara.

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