Marvel Snap Releasing On PC And Mobile October 18

Marvel Snap, the Marvel-based card battler, will release on October 18. The game is currently in beta, but publisher Nuverse and developer Second Dinner announced during the Disney and Marvel games showcase that the full release is coming next month to PC, iOS, and Android, and will coincide with the launch of a new season of content focused on the clandestine organization SHIELD.

A new trailer teases the season of content, which will introduce the new hero Nick Fury to the game. This will actually be the fourth season of content for Marvel Snap, after the first three rolled out during beta testing. The game will be free-to-play, but you can pre-register through the official site.

Developer Second Dinner was formed by former Hearthstone developers who know their way around a CCG. The focus of Marvel Snap, though, is quick play sessions that last about three minutes each. Matches focus on controlling two out of three randomly selected locations. It also uses a unique bluffing mechanic–the titular “snap”–in which you can challenge your opponent to raise the stakes and get more winnings.

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