Marvel’s Midnight Suns Is Now Coming Out This December

During 2022’s Disney & Marvel Games Showcase, we got a new gameplay trailer for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The trailer ended with the surprise reveal that Midnight Suns is no longer delayed until 2023–it’s now coming out on December 2 of this year.

Midnight Suns sees the Avengers teaming up with their more supernatural peers–like Ghost Rider, Blade, and Magik–in order to take on Lilith, Mother of Demons, who has been awakened from her eternal sleep by Hydra. The superhero team will also align themselves with Lilith’s daughter, the Hunter.

Following the new gameplay trailer, the showcase also revealed that a collection of animated shorts will be released ahead of Midnight Suns’ launch. These shorts will detail the stories of the 13 heroes you’ll be able to play as prior to their team-up in Midnight Suns. The first of these shorts will debut on October 31.

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