Pokemon Go Developer Announces Marvel: World Of Heroes

During the Disney and Marvel D23 Games Showcase, Niantic closed out the show with the announcement of a new game based in the Marvel Universe. The trailer for the game showed players out in the real world responding to a portal in the sky by holding a phone and using Doctor Strange’s abilities, Cyclops’ eye beams, and calling Thor’s hammer. The camera then zoomed out to show more players firing off various plasma and laser attacks in a public park.

Your favorite Super Heroes await YOU – the newest Marvel Super Hero – to help them save the Multiverse from cosmic and earthbound threats. MARVEL World of Heroes, our newest AR mobile game, is launching in 2023. Pre-register: https://t.co/eDXr9GUlWY @Marvelworldgame pic.twitter.com/VnHG86XNzN

— Niantic 🧭 (@NianticLabs) September 9, 2022

The implication of the trailer is that it will be a competitive augmented reality game with players fighting one another out in the real world, but it also featured the “Not actual gameplay” qualifier on the bottom of the screen, so it’s hard to say what the gameplay will be. It’s safe to assume, however, given it is a Niantic game, that it will rely on GPS data and will share some mechanics with Pokemon Go.

The game is called Marvel World of Heroes, it is coming next year, 2023, and you can pre-register for the game now at MarvelWOH.com.

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