Every Marvel And Star Wars Movie And TV Show Revealed At D23 Expo 2022

The weekend of September 10 is the D23 expo. It’s a celebration of everything Disney, and on Saturday, a huge slate of upcoming Marvel and Star Wars movies were announced during a very long panel at the show. Get ready for a whole bunch of announcements revolving around your favorite characters from the MCU and a galaxy far, far away.

Up until today, the future of Star Wars was a little foggy. There have been no movies planned, but there are TV shows in the works, like Andor, which hits Disney+ on September 21. There’s also other Lucasfilms announcements–as there was an Indiana Jones costume on display at D23. But that’s not all coming from Disney by way of announcements.

Marvel’s future already has a pretty good layout, considering all the announcements that came out about Phase 5 and Phase 6 during this past year’s San Diego Comic-Con. However, the D23 panel is diving a bit deeper into what we can expect from the upcoming movies and TV shows that will appear on Disney+.

Kicking things off will be Lucasfilms.

On Friday, there were a lot of announcements from Disney for their live-action and animated movies. Pixar announced Inside Out 2, there was a teaser for the live-action Little Mermaid, Jamie Lee Curtis joined the cast of Haunted Mansion, and a new Hocus Pocus 2 trailer.

To check out some of the other Disney announcements, check out every Disney movie and TV show announced on Friday.


The next Star War series hits Disney+ on September 21, and the cast and crew are very close to shooting the next 12 episodes of the series. Diego Luna, who plays the titular character, spoke during the panel and said, “It’s about the awakening of a revolutionary. You’ll see a whole community reacting. It’s about bringing about change.”

Additionally, the final trailer for Andor was revealed as well.


A new poster arrived for Willow. The upcoming Disney+ series–arriving on November 30–also announced Christian Slater is joining the cast, and a trailer arrived.

Tales of the Jedi

The upcoming Disney+ original hits the service on October 26. The animated show will consist of six episodes and three episodes will follow Count Dooku while three will follow Ahsoka. A trailer for the show also arrived.

Bad Batch

Season 2 will arrive on Disney+ on January 4, 2023. It will have a two episode premiere.


There wasn’t a trailer or a release date, but we did hear a little about the show from Jon Favreau: “In the second season of Mandalorian, we were able to bring in a character Dave [Filoni] had been thinking about for live-action when he was on Clone Wars. The idea of introducing her through the show was a way to see if the audience wanted to see this character. That process made us feel confident, and I get to be down there on the set with Dave right here in California, and it’s remarkable what they’re able to accomplish with all the knowledge Dave has–amazing action, lightsaber battles. Dave is hitting the top of his game”

Skeleton Crew

There was no footage for the upcoming show. Jon Watts and Christopher Ford briefly talked about the show, which follows a group of kids who are lost in the Star Wars galaxy. This show will be set in the New Republic era. They have been filming for a few weeks now. Jude Law will also be on the show.

The Mandalorian

Season 3 of the hit Disney+ series sadly won’t be arriving until 2023. However, we did get a teaser for the upcoming new episodes, and it looks pretty great.

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