Animal Crossing Meets Stardew Valley In Fae Farm, A New Cozy Sim For Switch

Much like perfectly fluffed pillows, hot tea, and soft sweaters with too-long sleeves, there is something almost magical about cozy games. The developers at Phoenix Labs recognized this mystical phenomenon–and the extraordinary healing powers these games possess–and thus began work on Fae Farm, an intimate-yet-grand farm sim that they call “a love letter to farming and life sim games.”

Announced during September 13’s Nintendo Direct, Fae Farm is a vibrant-looking Switch exclusive that combines dungeoneering, exploration, magic, combat, foraging, mining, farming, fishing, and curating a cute n’ cozy home into an adorable-looking multiplayer experience. Built with cooperative play in mind, the game allows up to four players to drop in and out of the game seamlessly as they team up to turn an old rundown farm into a proper home. While this story might sound familiar to all you Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley fans out there, Fae Farms celebrates these hallmarks while also delving even deeper into elements such as combat and exploration, allowing players to don fairy wings and venture throughout the land of Azoria rather than solely stick around their homestead.

Ahead of the Direct, I spoke with Katie De Sousa, the creative director of Fae Farm, as well as the game’s product lead, Isaac Epp, and asked them a few questions about Phoenix Labs’ upcoming game. From gushing about their desire for a Ocarina of Time-inspired farm sim and revealing how many hours they have put into Animal Crossing, to outlining the importance of inclusivity in Fae Farm and explaining their patented “Cozy System,” De Sousa and Epp had a lot to say about the Spring 2023 release.

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