Destiny 2 Patch Notes Nerf Titans’ Overpowered Loreley Splendor Exotic

Alongside a batch of ongoing background maintenance that will run through the week, Bungie has rolled out a new update for Destiny 2. The hotfix is available now, and although the patch notes have been released, it’s what was missing from them that is actually the most notable change: a nerf to Loreley Splendor.

You can check out the current set of patch notes for the update below, but Bungie has already acknowledged that at least this particular adjustment is not listed as it should be. According to community manager dmg04, Bungie has “a few updates in flight [testing] and things were moved around a bit.” The patch notes should be getting updated shortly, but the key thing to know is that Loreley Splendor now provides only Restoration x1.

Since the Solar 3.0 rework, this Exotic helm has made Titans all but unkillable. With it equipped, you create a Sunspot at your location when critically wounded or when casting a barricade. This Sunspot provides better-than-average healing–specifically, the Restoration x2 buff, which rapidly refills your health. This made Titans extremely resistant to death, as they were likely to heal through any damage, provided their barricade ability was not on cooldown. I can attest to being far more capable of making it through high-end content with little concern for dying (and, in fact, it can make it difficult to purposely die to wipe a raid encounter).

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