Every Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 Battle Pass Skin Ranked

A new season of Fortnite means a new slate of battle pass skins for us to drool over. And the Chapter 3, Season 4 slate of skins might be the best we’ve had this chapter, which began late last year.

We’ve also got some big names, both within the world of Fortnite and here on actual planet Earth. We’ve got Spider-Gwen from the Spider-Verse movies (provided you make it all the way to tier 100 of the battle pass), Brie Larson revealed as the voice and face of The Paradigm, and a plant lady called the Herald who’s been responsible for all this stuff with the Reality Tree and now this chrome infestation.

But that’s barely scratching the surface on this excellent pass. There’s not a bad skin in the bunch. Here’s a look at the best skins from this season. For more coverage of the new season, check out our guide to vault keys, NPC locations, and map changes.

8. Spider-Gwen

It’s a cool skin that we’ll all be happy to have down the line, and the mask-off style is a really nice bonus. But three of the last four battle passes have featured Marvel characters at the tier 100 spot, with another popping up as a bonus skin in that time. So there’s a limit on our enthusiasm for another, especially when she’s next to all the other stellar outfits on this battle pass.

7. Paradigm (Reality-659)

The prospect of a reskin of some old limited-time shop outfit that almost nobody has wasn’t incredibly exciting, but Epic put in some real effort on this one. Several new colorways for the existing style, plus the Brie Larson no-helmet look, plus the brand-new nanofiber style? And it’s got a celeb’s face on it? No complaints here. She’s just a little bit mundane next to the rest of these folks.

6. Bytes

Bytes kinda looks like he has a little bit of a symbiote thing going on with the chrome (think Venom and Carnage), which gives him one of the better sets of accessories of any of these characters. And he’s got a vaguely unsettling supernatural vibe not unlike Charlotte from last year’s fall season. Big long-term fave potential on this one.

5. Meow Skulls

There will always be people who think the original Meowscles is the best. And maybe they’re right. But this emo teen version of the character is really next level in a way that’s tough to articulate.

4. Lennox Rose

Her standard style is pretty good, if maybe a bit unexciting for this season’s anime skin. But it’s her alts that really make this skin great. I can’t wait to see how the superstyles will look on her. (Please let her have superstyles!)

3. Twyn

This skin is awesome, and a first for Fortnite: a human skin that can change gender on the fly. Both gender styles would feel pretty low-key for a battle pass on their own–especially one as full of oddities as this one. But by bringing them together as a unique skin, Twyn would make for a top-tier outfit in any season.

2. The Herald

Fortnite rarely disappoints when it puts an original, non-collab skin in the bonus slot of the battle pass, and this plant lady who’s apparently responsible for all this chrome stuff is definitely not an exception. The Herald is more than a worthy follow-up to last fall’s Cube Queen, who took up that bonus spot and chief villain role a year ago.

1. Grriz

This is the clear winner of this battle pass. Do I really need to extoll the virtues of a skin that’s just a small cartoon bear driving a large bear mech suit? Those who missed out on the unbelievably great Kit outfit–that’s the little kitty cat sitting atop and driving a rusty, hacked together mech–finally have their own new version of that brilliant idea.

Oh, and Grriz’s built-in emote is a work of absolute genius.

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