Andor Review – The Spark Of A Revolution

The Star Wars universe on Disney+ has already explored Mandalorians and Jedi through various series. However, it has yet to focus on the spark of the Rebellion against the growing Empire that kicked off the franchise in A New Hope–and was explored in Rogue One. Andor is just that, a prequel to Rogue One that is unlike the majority of content we’ve seen from the Star Wars movies and TV shows in the past, and that’s a bit of fresh air.

Andor is the story of Cassian Andor, the eventual member of the Rebel Alliance who played an integral role in the planning of the Battle of Yavin, which was seen in the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The series is set before the events of that film and takes a deep dive into who Cassian was and who he will eventually become.

The titular character finds himself in a situation where he’s on the run from corporation sentries on Morlona One and their investigation after two of their own end up dead. These sentries aren’t the Empire, but they answer to them. While avoiding capture, he finds himself surrounded by the early Rebellion, joining it in the process.

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