Changes Announced For Modern Warfare 2 Beta, Minimap Remains Unchanged

Infinity Ward has announced all of the changes it’s going to make to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta for next weekend. In addition to new game modes and maps, Infinity Ward will be adjusting the rate at which players earn perks throughout the match.

After its first weekend beta for Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward has posted a blog detailing some of the changes it will be making for the next weekend and moving forward. It also addressed some concerns fans have about elements Infinity Ward has adjusted in this year’s Call of Duty in comparison to the last installment, like no longer showing a red dot on the minimap when an enemy fires a weapon. That adjustment is supposed to lessen the consequences of firing a weapon while encouraging players to follow the sound of gunshots, as opposed to staring at their minimap, Infinity Ward wrote. Some beta participants have complained about the new minimap, arguing that the change makes using a silencer pointless.

Infinity Ward also said that it has made some adjustments and bug fixes to muzzle flash and smoke in order to make it easier to see once a firefight starts. It also said that it will be experimenting with different ways to make enemies and friendlies easier to tell apart, although no details were shared.

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