DLSS 3 Promises Big Performance Boosts, But Only Works On New GPUs

DLSS, or Deep Learning Super Sampling, has been one of the best reasons to invest in an Nvidia GPU over the past two generations. Today, Nvidia revealed DLSS 3–the latest iteration of the super sampling technique that requires the company’s new RTX 40-series GPUs.

DLSS allows games to run at higher frame rates by reducing the internal rendering resolution and using machine learning to upscale it back to your desired resolution. It works well, with the most recent implementations sitting scarily close to native rendering while providing big performance uplifts. DLSS 3 seems to improve this even further with the use of AI-powered Optical Multi Frame Generation, a method that allows your GPU to generate an entirely new frame of a game, rather than just small portions of it.

According to Nvidia, this new process can produce seven-eighths of a frame, while also tracking positional data of objects as opposed to just pixels to reduce unwanted shimmering on complex geometry. DLSS Frame Generation, as Nvidia calls it, will inject new frames into your game, while Nvidia Reflex will be used to keep responsiveness high to compensate for new frames that are not reporting user input back to the game. Nvidia says DLSS 3 actually halves latency when compared to native rendering.

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