Apex Legends Beast Of Prey Event Guide

Beast of Prey, Apex Legends‘ latest Collection Event, went live on Tuesday with an update that brought a new limited-time mode, some slight meta changes, and loads of new cosmetic items to the game–including Loba’s long-awaited Heirloom weapon. The event is significant enough that the game’s developers saw fit to schedule two Reddit AMAs to answer players’ questions about Apex’s upcoming changes.

And that’ll do it for today’s AMA! 🧡
If you missed it live, you can still catch up on all things Gun Run and LTMs here https://t.co/jq8CPfhzyE
We’ll see you again tomorrow at 10am PT to talk weapons and Legends. If you have a question, send it our way https://t.co/YAw4hTHqde

— Respawn (@Respawn) September 21, 2022

The first AMA was primarily focused on the new Gun Run LTM, and took place yesterday. The second AMA will concern legends, weapons, and the game’s overall meta. It is scheduled to take place on the official Apex Legends subreddit today at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET. With enough content to fill two Reddit AMA’s, the Beast of Prey event has quite a lot to offer, so keep reading for a feature-by-feature breakdown of everything this jam-packed event has in store.

Gun Run

Arguably the most exciting new feature to arrive alongside the Beast of Prey update, Gun Run is a new limited-time mode that offers an Outlands-style take on the standard Gun Game formula. Four squads of four players must fight their way to victory by working through a 25-weapon arsenal one kill at a time. Any teams that reach 25 kills have their firearms replaced with throwing knives that give all members on that squad the ability to single-handedly win the match. The first squad to pull off a knife kill wins.

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