Destiny 2 PSA: You No Longer Have To Worry About That Tough Champion Quest Requirement

Bungie is removing the requirement to complete a difficult, time-consuming objective for this week’s Season of Plunder story quest in Destiny 2. The quest objective to “defeat 50 Champions” will auto-complete for players, allowing them to advance the quest forward much more easily.

Bungie made the announcement on Twitter, stating that the 50 Champion objective was too difficult for some players. Judging by player feedback, that was definitely the case, since Champions mostly appear in high-level content and in relatively low numbers. Even Legendary difficulty Lost Sectors or Nightfall Strikes only include a handful of Champions, forcing players into a large number of runs to complete the requirement. Champions are also more difficult to kill than normal enemies and generally require special seasonal weapon mods to defeat, adding a skill barrier to the requirement.

Due to the completion requirement being too high for many players, we have auto-completed the Champions Defeated objective for this week’s Sails of the Shipstealer Seasonal quest.

— Bungie Help (@BungieHelp) September 21, 2022

The move is a fairly big one, not just because the objective was frustrating a lot of players, especially among Destiny 2’s more casual fans. This week’s story quest unlocked a big revelation for Season of Plunder’s plot, giving new information about the season’s main characters, Mithrax and Eido, and advancing the game’s overall plot toward its next expansion, Lightfall, in February.

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