YuGiOh Master Duel Deck Guide: Best Cards After Banlist

Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel continues to thrive, since our last banlist guide. With more players joining each month, the game having in-game events that have implemented special rulings, and the continual release of new cards and packs such as the Adventurer Token engine, it’s a good time to be a Master Duel player. This game is the best way to play a digital Yu-Gi-Oh format thanks to the many quality-of-life additions based on card usage, modes, rewards, and more.

Konami does not always provide exact or even vague reasoning for its banlist implementations even in the trading card game (TCG) itself. Hopefully, this guide will grant you a clearer understanding of why certain cards became forbidden, limited, or semi-limited.

Before we start with the forbidden cards, there were a few buffs with an increased rate of use for three cards. Night Assailant, which was at one copy before is now unlimited at three copies. Altergeist Multifaker, which was also previously at one copy allowed, is now semi-limited to two copies in decks. Similarly, Salamangreat Gazelle had been limited to one copy but is now semi-limited to two copies. Cards such as these have had their rate increased due to being power crept out. (Power crept means that older cards are just not as strong as newer cards that have been released and/or cannot contend with the current higher top-ranking or meta-defining decks on the ranked ladder.) To aid in making certain decks more prevalent in the game, in this case, the Altergeist, and Salamangreat archetypes, this provides additional playability with much more efficient synergy alongside combo potential or opportunities to win a duel.

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