Street Fighter 6’s Stronger Fundamentals Set It Up For Success

What started as a somewhat nervous reaction to Street Fighter 6’s announcement–largely owing to a very generic logo–has quickly turned into an excited fervor around the game, at least among fighting game enthusiasts. The latest entry in Capcom’s storied franchise was arguably the main event at Summer Game Fest 2022’s show floor, where it was playable.

After spending a number of hours with the game, I can say that I’m considerably more excited for the future of Street Fighter 6 than I was when I first got my hands on Street Fighter 5. That’s not to say Street Fighter 5 was a bad game. It had its fair share of issues at launch, but over the years Capcom committed to updating and improving the experience, and it is in much better shape. Street Fighter 6, however, looks to be starting its round in much better shape.

Capcom has clearly paid attention to what the community likes and dislikes about Street Fighter 5, as well as other entries in the series, and Street Fighter 6 feels like the result of carefully considering all of that. My hands-on impressions of the game provide a quick deep dive into why I think Street Fighter 6 is shaping up to be an exciting new entry in the series, but I’ll also break down some of the most interesting aspects of it below.

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