Money In The Back 2022 Results, Review, And Live Match Updates

This July, WWE is getting two PPVs, and both of them are noteworthy events. First up is Money in the Bank–with Summerslam coming at the end of the month. At this year’s MITB, there will be numerous championship matches and two ladder matches that will be must-see attractions for WWE fans. Check out the live results for the show and a review as the matches happen below.

Taking place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, this PPV is all about the two ladder matches taking place over the evening. In both of these, six competitors–one group of men and one group of women–will battle for a championship contract, which will hang above the ring in a briefcase. The first person to grab it gets themselves a championship match whenever they choose.

From @AJStylesOrg dangling above the ring to @BrockLesnar’s surprise victory, these #MITB moments will leave you speechless. pic.twitter.com/eZnhbAV1xy

— WWE (@WWE) July 1, 2022

On top of the two MITB matches, there are four championship matches on the card, with the most anticipated being Ronda Rousey defending her Smackdown Women’s Championship against Natalya. Additionally, Bobby Lashley and Theory will stop posing and start fighting for the United States Championship. The full list of MITB matches is listed below.

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