The Best 4K Gaming TV, The LG C1, Is Under $800 For Prime Day 2022

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is here, and TVs are always a hot item during times like these. If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality TV for gaming–particularly if you’re fortunate enough to have a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S–it’s hard to do much better than the LG C1, our pick for the best 4K gaming TV. Right now, the 48-inch model is just $797 at Amazon . That’s the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this TV on Amazon. If you’re in the market for a bigger version, the 77-inch model is down to $2400, also an all-time low.

This a 4K OLED TV, meaning you’ll get crisp visuals, deep black levels (which really help to make those colors pop), and a variety of HDMI 2.1-specific features you can take advantage of with those current-gen consoles.

I own a C1 and it’s easily the best TV I’ve ever used in this price range, and it could double as a giant PC monitor if you so choose. It’s also remarkably thin, to an almost unbelievable degree. (You might want to pair it with a soundbar, though.) As noted above, we’ve never seen this TV for cheaper on Amazon; even as its price has steadily declined over the last year, it still routinely sells for $900-$1000 or more.

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