Netflix Is Still Trying To Figure Out How To Charge For Password Sharing

There was a time when Netflix had the whole pie to itself when it came to television and movie-streaming market share, but viable offerings from companies like Amazon, Disney, Apple, and Warner Bros Discovery have forced the service to rethink its business plan. The company is continuing to experiment with ways to crack down on password sharing in its Latin American market, Bloomberg reports.

Limited Use is OK

Netflix is going to ask users in Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic to pay an extra fee if they want to use an account for more than two weeks outside of their primary residence. This is meant to deter long-term password sharing while still making allowances for things like vacations.

In these areas, you’ll have a primary residence where you can access Netflix across all your devices. If you want to use your Netflix account at a secondary residence, Netflix is asking you to pay the equivalent of about $1.70 in Argentina and $2.99 in the other countries. Depending on your plan you can add more additional homes; one on the Basic plan, two on the Standard plan, and three on Premium. Bloomberg says that this won’t affect users on smartphones, tablets, or laptops, but the main problem still exists: how does Netflix decide what constitutes a household?

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