Robocop, Darth Vader, And The Mighty Thor Get Very Impressive, Very Expensive New Toys

Hot Toys has unveiled not one, but five new replica figures from across the Marvel, Star Wars, and Old Detroit universes. Like typical Hot Toys figure releases, each one of these collectibles comes with plenty of extra parts and an attention to detail that makes them stand out from the usual toys based on these film properties.

Hot Toys Robocop

The first of these sixth-scale figures that’s incredibly eye-catching is the Robocop 3 replica, which includes a wide selection of accessories. While you can change Robocop’s facial expressions with swap-out face-plates, pull out his trademark pistol from a functioning leg compartment, and equip him with a multipurpose cannon that has a missile and blast effect, the real draw here is the screen-accurate jetpack.

The figure itself has diecast metal parts and a special iridescent painting to give Robocop’s OCP armor a purple and blue hue.

Hot Toys Mighty Thor ($305)

The next figure is of Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor. Fresh from her appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder, this toy features a helmeted head sculpt, a newly developed head sculpt of Natalie Portman, a newly designed body with seamless arms, and a damaged Mjolnir with LED light-up function. The tailored body armor comes equipped with a fabric cape, and select markets will get a version of this figure that includes a battle-damaged helmet.

Hot Toys Darth Vader ($330)

Over in a toy galaxy far (far) away, fans of the Obi-Wan Kenobi series can get their hands on a new incarnation of Darth Vader. Unlike previous figures though, this Sith Lord comes with a battle-damaged helmet and armor and a rolling eyeball function so that you can position Vader’s line of sight. For accessories, the boxset packs in LED light-up belt boxes, Vader’s signature lightsaber with an interchangeable lightsaber blade emulating the weapon in motion, and a pair of Third Sister’s lightsabers.

Hot Toys Spider-Man ($45)

Lastly, you can add a Spider-Man from a different dimension to your growing diorama of multiversal web-slingers. Hot Toys unveiled a Spider-Man based on Andrew Garfield’s wallcrawler from Spider-Man: No Way Home, and to complete the trio, Tobey Maguire’s webhead is swinging into action as well. This version of Spider-Man features a familiar costume with distinctive raised webbing, plenty of hands, Maguire’s sixth-scale likeness, and assorted web-shooting parts.

The deluxe version adds a themed Sandman base, which will fit in with the previously revealed Lizard, Electro, Green Goblin, and Doctor Octopus figures.

Hot Toys Iron Man ($55)

Hot Toys has slowly been rebuilding its Iron Man line of sixth-scale figures with updated versions that feature more diecast metal parts, and for the next entry in the Movie Masterpiece line, they’ve gone back to the first film and the Mark III armor. The new figure is larger than the original Mark III, it has inner mechanical details with LED light-up functions, and a wider range of movements. If you’re looking to apply some wear and tear, you can swap out several of the armor parts for battle-damaged versions.

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