Summerslam 2022 Biggest Surprises

WWE’s biggest part of the summer is here, and you can check out the Summerslam results for all the info. This isn’t your typical event/PPV/PLE/whatever you call it. Summerslam is considered WWE’s Wrestlemania for the summer, so big things tend to happen–a lot of surprising moments are flying your way.

So why not keep track of everything that shocked us or left us in awe during the event. Kicking off the evening, we got to see the return of Bayley, who has been away from action for a year. But she didn’t come alone. She brought some friends with her as well.

It’s a pretty big even for WWE, for more than one reason. This is the first WWE event–ever–where Vince McMahon isn’t in charge, as he recently stepped down as CEO amid his scandal. His daughter, Stephanie McMahon, is now co-CEO alongside Nick Khan. Taking over creative is none other than Paul Levesque, who ran NXT creative for years.

Over the course of the July 30 evening, we’re keeping track of all the surprising moments from the Summerslam evening and presenting them to you below. So keep coming back to GameSpot to check out every shocking moment.

With honor

After Bianca Belair beat Becky Lynch, Becky actually reached out to shake Bianca’s hand. Then, the two embraced in a hug, and Bianca celebrated with the crowd. We didn’t expect Becky to hug it out with Bianca without attacking her, but we’re glad this ended without violence.

It’s Bayley!

She’s been gone for a year, but Bayley showed up after the Raw Women’s Championship match. Looks like she might be next in line for the title.

Bayley Buddies

Bayley brought a couple of friends with her. First is Io Sharai, who showed up putting all those rumors of her leaving WWE to rest and burying them. Second is Dakota Kai, who was released from WWE back in April–and we’re so glad she’s back.

Logan Paul pulled off some big moves

He’s still new to wrestling, but Paul did a standing moonsault in the ring, a blockbuster, and a frogsplash from the top rope through the announcer’s table. He had a couple botches, but he had way more memorable moments during his match against The Miz.

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