Prey Review – The Predator Movie We Deserve

Hulu’s Prey is a prequel that is 100% not a prequel to the 1987 classic action movie Predator. Throughout the years, filmmakers have tried to recreate the magic of the first movie using the sci-fi alien without much success. Prey is the first movie since the original that completely feels like a Predator movie, embracing the core of what the film is all about: hunting and being hunted.

Prey takes place 300 years in the past in the Comanche Nation, focusing on a group of indigenous hunters who are joined by tracker Naru (Amber Midthunder) on the Great Plains. Their camp is in danger so Naru and the other hunters set off to hunt down the threat, only to find it is a Predator–otherwise known as a Yautja–stalking them. Naru and her group are now the hunted and must fight back.

The film tells an incredibly simple story, which is exactly what you need for a Predator movie. Previous installments have gotten very bogged-down in lore and mythos–or trying to create an even scarier hybrid Yautja–but the core of this franchise is characters being stalked by an incredibly powerful and cunning force. Prey gets this right. This new film doesn’t need an exposition drop to deliver a good story. In fact, Prey proves simplicity is key with this series, allowing the audience to become fully engrossed in what’s happening. As viewers, we’ve spent the past few movies growing the Yautja lore, and now is the perfect time to just enjoy a thrilling sci-fi movie.

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