New Tekken Game Seemingly Teased At Evo 2022

The next Tekken game has been teased. During the Evo 2022 event in Las Vegas, publisher Bandai Namco dished out a cryptic teaser that showed series regular Kazuya Mishima–presented in his classic pixelated form–dropping a body off the edge of a cliff.

He then smiles at the camera as the graphics morph into something much more impressive as text appears on screen that says “Get Ready.” The teaser has some fans believing the next Tekken will be a reboot, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. And to be clear, there is no confirmation that this was even a teaser for a new game at all.

Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada appeared on stage, but he didn’t utter a word, which led to some wonderful memes and reactions from fans.

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