Apex Legends Mobile Test Your Mettle Event Guide

This week, Apex Legends Mobile launched Test Your Mettle, a new in-game event that rewards players with free in-game currency, cosmetics, and other kinds of loot for completing various challenges in Ranked Mode.

Each completed challenge gives players a certain amount of Challenge Points. Once enough challenge points have been collected, a prize is unlocked. There are three rewards in all, including a mobile-exclusive Bloodhound skin. Keep reading for a detailed look at the Test Your Mettle event, its challenges, and those sweet free rewards.

Getting started

When you log in to the game, you’ll be met with a series of splash screens, including one advertising the Test Your Mettle event. Select “Go!” to be taken directly to the event hub. Alternatively, you can also navigate there manually by selecting the “Season Event” banner located on the right side of the main lobby screen.

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