October 25, 2021

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EA Sends Out Battlefield Survey to Gauge Interest in Free-to-Play Element, Battle Pass, and More

Electronic Arts has apparently been sending out a Battlefield survey to gauge players’ interest in free-to-play elements, a battle pass system, a platoon/clan system, evolving maps, and weapons blueprints.

Quite a few players, including reputable leaker Tom Henderson, reported that they received the survey with questions about the aforementioned features. While this survey doesn’t confirm what the next Battlefield game will include, Henderson believes these features may have already been added into the upcoming title.

“This does not confirm what’s coming to the game, but more often than not surveys like these are carried out to gauge the community’s thoughts and the results can be used to determine when to announce features etc.,” Henderson tweeted. “It’s very unlikely that the questions are being asked because they want to add the features to the game. It’s likely because the features have already been developed and/or implemented, but the answers to the survey will dictate when marketing will announce features.”

The insider’s comments seem to fall in line with previous reports. Rumor has it that Battlefield 6 will feature some kind of free-to-play element following Warzone’s success. EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson was quizzed about this during a recent earnings call, but he declined to comment.

“After analyzing the data it shows that players are not keen on a Battle Pass, but it’s scheduled to be announced in a reveal trailer or event, they might decide to cut it out and announce it at a later date,” Henderson added as an example to illustrate his point about the survey’s purpose.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information.

[Source: Twitter]

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