October 27, 2021

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Huffing Fiberglass – The TouchArcade Show #456

In this week’s episode of The TouchArcade Show, we kick things off with some nasty meat discussion before digging into a few reader emails (thanks for writing in!) and then diving headfirst into all the hot mobile gaming news of the week. And this week featured some particularly spicy news surrounding Microsoft’s xCloud service not being approved for the App Store by Apple. As both of us are big Xbox fans and believers in game streaming services, you can bet we air our grievances about it. As was the case last week and should be the case going forward, you can find all the stories we discuss this week in the Show Notes at the bottom of this post.

Don’t forget to shoot us emails with any questions, feedback, or anything else relevant or irrelevant to [email protected]. We read ’em all, and love decoding messages written entirely in emoji. As always, you can listen to us with the links below… And if you like what you hear, please subscribe and/or drop us a review in iTunes. Much appreciated!

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