October 22, 2021

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Report: Next Battlefield Game Will Be Set in the Near Future, Expect Robots and Drones

Well-known and reliable Battlefield insider, Tom Henderson, has claimed that the upcoming game will be simply titled Battlefield (RIP Battlefield 6) and it’ll be set in the near future, around 10 years from now.

In a newsletter published on Twitter, Henderson wrote that the developers are aiming to introduce military weapons and vehicles that are currently in the process of being manufactured. Players can expect things like military robots and drones alongside the usual helicopters, tanks, and the like.

“The game will feature a revolutionary campaign compared to other previous installments,” wrote Henderson. “The campaign will focus on you and your specialist unit, where you’ll be able to chose which superpower you fight for. In Battlefield, there aren’t necessarily ‘Axis and Allies’ as you will be able to chose your own path. Both the USA and Russia, who are the game’s only standing superpowers, will offer to ‘recruit’ your specialist team and their skills throughout the campaign, which will be a valuable asset to both sides.” Henderson further claimed that the campaign will offer a co-op mode.

As far as multiplayer is concerned, Battlefield‘s battle royale will reportedly return but won’t be titled Firestorm. You’ll be able to play as four types of soldiers, each with their own abilities similar to Call of Duty‘s perks.

Battlefield is expected to be unveiled in May. However, Henderson asked fans to keep expectations in check because the reveal trailer is unlikely to feature any gameplay or multiplayer.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information.

[Source: Tom Henderson]

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