October 17, 2021

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Steam Summer Sale Is Live: Save on PC Games

The annual Steam Summer Sale is live between now and July 8. That means you can save money on a huge array of PC games from pretty much any genre under the sun. You can find the full sale here, but we’ve pulled some of the highlights below.

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Steam Summer Sale Highlights

Along with the sale, Steam is doing a “Forge Your Fate” promotion, which you can find here. It involves 14 brief choose-your-own-adventure style stories that help you discover “what sort of hero you are.” Finishing each story gets you an animated sticker. If you go through all of the stories, you’ll get one of five badges based on the decisions you made in the stories.

Each story is based on a game genre, and clicking on any of them lets you browse an assortment of games of that genre that are discounted for the Summer Sale. If you don’t care about digital trinkets like stickers and badges, feel free to ignore the whole thing.

Seriously, tons of games are on sale, so grab whatever ones catch your eye. Make sure you do it before 10a.m. PT on July 8, though, because that’s when the sale ends.

Chris Reed is a commerce editor and deals expert at IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @_chrislreed.

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